Saturday, February 2, 2008

We Miss You, Gene!

Today is the 12th anniversary of Gene Kelly's death. His legacy lives on through the magic of his movies, and today there are just as many fans who love him and his work as there were back when he was making movies. To honor Gene today, I offer a poem that he wrote. This was printed on the "thank you" notes sent to everyone who offered words of sympathy after his death.

Some streets wind crookedly between long rows
Of dingy, dirty houses
That frown upon them with their lank, long faces.
Some streets flow gracefully along, bordered by stately trees
And calm, palatial mansions
That smile at them in silent, tranquil peace.
One street I know climbs roughly up a rugged hill,
Surmounting many huge, impeding boulders
Until it gains the top;
And then slopes gently down the other side,
Finally merging into the cool mist
Of a blossomed, green-turfed valley.
A man I know is like that street,
Who having climbed the rough and rugged hill and reached the summit,
Now steps upon the springy, carpet-grass and steadily makes his way down into the valley;
There to pause, a-wearied of his tiresome, toilsome trek,
And lying down upon the moist loam, allow the cool, damp mist to cover him
And he will sleep.

Gene Kelly
1929, age 16

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