Monday, February 18, 2008

Cyd Must Be in Brigadoon

The lovely Cyd Charisse must have taken some Brigadoon-like magic potion...visit Movies Til Dawn and take a look at a current photo of her and her husband, Tony Martin. Doesn't she look fabulous? She will be 87 years old on March 8th!

That particular post is more about Tony Martin, but here's a funny one about Cyd.

For more on Cyd, here is her official site.


Sandy said...

You are so correct about Cyd being in Brigadoon still! Bless her heart.....she is fabulous!! And her husband is 95...WOW!!
I remember hearing Cyd and Gene in interviews saying that "Heather on the Hill" was their favorite dance. I just love Gene singing and dancing "Heather." Cyd was elegantly beautiful, and a joy to watch dance. Brigadoon is something very special......even if they only wake up one day every 100 years!!! Hey...."It's Almost Like Being In Love."
Happy Birthday Cyd!

aunt suzy said...

I love the funny story, but i always thought it was the gangster's moll dance where she was revealing a bit too much!
She was and is amazing, I have seen clips of her as she got older and was always elegant and beautiful. I agree the Brigadoon dances are probably among Gene's best with a partner, only Vera Ellen could compete perhaps, though in a different way. I think my favourite is the one in the ruins, which ends in tha spectacular kiss!!