Sunday, November 25, 2007

Video Clip of the Month: Gene Kelly - Everytime We Touch

Here's a little video montage I found on to the song "Everytime We Touch". I think the creator ("mdill33") did a superb job of editing the clips. However, not all of the color effects "work". All in all, it's a great tribute and shows not only Gene Kelly's dancing talent, but it also shows his tenderness in the non-dancing romantic scenes with his female co-stars. The creator of the clip seems to have several GK-related montages, so there may be more to come in the future. For now, enjoy "Everytime We Touch":


auntsuzy said...

I love it that Gene is still so 'cool'. He was always way ahead of his time. I think he would be thrilled with all these montages and compilatins which seem to be springing up on youtube. It is a tribute to his everlasting appeal that so many people must know his movies well enough to be able to edit precisely and appropriately. It makes me smile to see him dancing to 'new' music, just as if he had planned every step to fit. Great stuff.

Donna said...

I agree! There are several videos set to new music on youtube, and Gene still fits - his steps fit to the music. One can only wonder what dances he would dance if he were alive today. As soon as I get some free time, I hope to try to put together a video tribute of my own.