Monday, November 26, 2007

Dancing with the Stars: How Would Gene Kelly Vote?

Tonight is the dance-off finale for "Dancing with the Stars". Wait...what does that have to do with Gene Kelly? He's not exactly on the show! Well, any fan of Gene is probably a fan of dance, and dance fans are definitely watching the show. If Gene were still around, wouldn't you love to be able to see him as a "Guest Judge"? Too bad the show didn't exist back when most of the dancers from cinema's classic musicals were still around to enjoy it with us.

So, how would Gene rate this season's three finalists? First, there's Marie Osmond, who has been entertaining long enough to overlap careers with Gene's. Watching Marie perform this season is a lot like watching Judy Garland in "Summer Stock" - she starts out rather plump in "Portland Fancy" and ends the movie looking svelte in "Get Happy". Marie's had a similar shrinking-effect! Gene would give her credit for working hard, putting some showmanship and enthusiasm in the steps, and because he'd remind her a little bit of Judy.

Next is Helio Castroneves. Since Helio's a race-car driver and not a dancer or entertainer, he's had quite a challenge. But, he's Brazilian and rhythm must be genetic because he has steadily improved and is now quite good. What would Gene say about Helio? I think Gene would be thrilled with Helio's performances because he dances in a masculine way similar to Gene's routines. He's a man's man, but he knows how to partner with the ladies. Also, Helio's smile is about as bright as Gene's in his happy hoofer mood! I think Gene would be proud of what Helio has been able to do.

The third finalist is "Spice Girl" Melanie Brown. Although Mel's not a professional dancer, she is a professional performer who's probably had a bit of dance training. I think Gene would be most impressed by her natural ability to quickly pick up a routine and dance it well. Her timing has been nearly perfect, and Gene would love the sultry sexiness that Mel brings to her dances.

So, if Gene were judge, who would he pick to win? Each "star" has great qualities about their dancing or they would not have made it this far through votes from both the judges and the fans. Would Gene favor the long-time trouper Marie, the smiling guy's guy Helio, or sleek and sexy Mel? Hmm...who's to say? I think he'd pick Mel with her Cyd Charisse-like lines. We'll never know what Gene would think, or if he'd even like the show at all. But, I think he'd appreciate the fact that America is watching dancing - we sure don't get to watch it in the movies anymore (High School Musical doesn't count).


Sandy J. said...

A few seasons back on Dancing With The Stars, Joey Lawrence danced to the SITR theme. He made quite an adorable tribute to Gene, and the judges loved it!!

This past season, Helio danced in an all yellow costume suit. I thought about Gene, and the magnificent dance he did in AA in the yellow shirt!! Over on the Gene Scene......several write that they don't like that yellow shirt. But, I just love it!!

Gene Scene said...

Hi, Sandy! I remember the Joey Lawrence number - that was a nice tribute, too. And you're right about Helio and the yellow costume. Although in Gene's case I'd call it more "gold" - yellow was his American in Paris "apache dance" costume! The photo from AA is the one I chose for this post - I love it, too. Thanks for commenting.