Friday, August 31, 2007

Even Kermit the Frog loves Singin' in the Rain

According to a few television news sites, TCM (Turner Classic Movies) has asked celebrities to choose their favorite movies to be featured on the network during the month of November. While TCM's web site hasn't yet posted this schedule or the complete list of celebrities and choices, several reports indicate that Kermit the Frog has chosen "Singin' in the Rain" as one of his favorites. It will air on November 21. It should come as no surprise that fellow movie star Kermit chose a Gene Kelly movie. After all, Gene was a guest on Kermit's show in 1981! See a complete description of the episode here or buy it here. I can't resist adding the video clip of Gene singing to Ms. Piggy. Hmm...what will Kermit think?


Sandy J. said...


Love It!!! I was so thrilled to see this clip of Gene Kelly singing to Miss Piggy!! I remember watching the whole show over and over and over again a while back. Gene was quite charming and very dashing!! What a wonderful human being .... to do so such a delightful show for children. It's a keeper....and so is he!!

Donna said...

I agree! He had one of the most charming appearances on the show of all the guests. And, it looks like he's really enjoying himself, too!