Saturday, March 21, 2009

Singin' in the Rain Screening

For fans living near Toledo, Ohio, there will be a special benefit screening of everyone's favorite musical, Singin' in the Rain, on March 24, 2009.The American Film Institute calls it the "Best Musical Ever Made!" The 1952 classic Singin' in the Rain will be shown at the Maumee Indoor Theatre at 6pm and 8pm on Tuesday, March 24.

Admission is open to all. Donations will be accepted with all monies going to the Gene Kelly Scholarship Fund for the Allen Creek School in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The scholarship was established by the Kelly children in honor of their father and benefits children with special educational needs. It is operated by his oldest daughter, Kerry Kelly Novick, a noted child psychologist at the University of Michigan. Gene Kelly, who passed away in 1996, was a generous supporter and advocate for many charities which helped children, both in the US and Ireland, and through his involvement as a United Nations ambassador in Africa.

The significance of March 24th is known by all who are familiar with the film: It is the date referred to in the film during the "Good Morning" song and is also the date on which Kelly performs his famous "Singin' in the Rain" dance in the film.

Refreshments may be brought in, with the exception of alcoholic beverages.

Questions? Contact Cindy Millen Roberts at or 419-344-2424.


Jackie said...
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Jackie said...

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