Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Poll

I haven't posted much lately, so today I added a new poll. Gene's "big" films have a lot of well-known and well-loved favorites, but what about some of his other musicals...the ones you may not see on top ten lists? Do you have a favorite of the ones listed to the right? Vote now, and we'll tally the results next month.


Anonymous said...

Impossible task Donna! Depends if you want sexy, joyous or show-off Kelly! For sexy it has to be Slaughter, though Nina and Why Am I.. are a close second. for joyous I would take I Like Myself, and for 'show-off' I would say all five!!! auntsuzy

The Gene Scene said...

I admit it's hard to choose, but what would be the point of a poll? I'll pick an "easier" question next time!